Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an innovative governing body for students at BU Law. The SGA combines two main bodies:

  • The Community Affairs Council, which has an elected chair, is open to any member of the law school community who wishes to get involved in any issue related to student life. The Council works regularly with faculty and the administration on a variety of issues, such as improving facilities, providing input on changes in the curriculum and providing feedback on services offered to students in their job searches. The deputy chair of the Programming & Budgeting Council is a liaison to both Councils.
  • The Programming & Budgeting Council members are elected by the student body. Their responsibilities include allocating funding to law student organizations, working with organizations to assist them with programming and building community through school-wide social events.

Between both Councils is an Executive Committee, which meets regularly to update members on recent developments. The committee also votes on major school-wide issues that require a unified student voice.