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Spring 2014 Registration Opens Monday, March 24.

Registration for Spring 2014 exams for all students begins Monday, March 24 and will run through midnight on April 23, 2014.

To register, visit our custom homepage on the ExamSoft website.

Before you visit the ExamSoft website, be sure to verify that your class schedule is correct by visiting the Student Link. Please notify the Graduate Tax Program if there are any discrepancies between the courses you are attending and those that are listed on the Student Link. Note that you will only be able to download exams for classes in which you are officially enrolled.

Step by step instructions on how to register for ExamSoft are located in the Spring 2014 SoftTest User Guidelines, Registration Information, Frequently Asked Questions document provided below. Sign-up, download, installation and registration with ExamSoft may take approximately 30 minutes, depending on your Internet connection. Any student who has not registered the latest version of SofTest by April 23rd will have to hand-write their Spring 2014 exams

Please note that any student who signs up to use ExamSoft and later decides to take one or more exams with standard bluebooks, must email by Friday, April 25, 2014. Please indicate for which exam(s) you no longer wish to use ExamSoft.

Spring 2014 User Guidelines (pdf)
Spring 2014 ExamSoft Instructions (pdf)