Spring 2014 LL.M. Exam Schedules: First-Year Exams

For LL.M. students, all exams begin at 9:30 am regardless of the scheduled JD start time. The end time varies by class and is subject to change. ExamSoft users should report to their room at 9:00 am and the hand-writers by 9:15 am. A student who is granted exam relief should report to the appropriate room on their make-up date. When there are multiple exams in a room, seating instructions will be posted on the door of the exam room. Students must sit in the assigned section of the room.

LL.M. Students who do not qualify for extra time should report to the J.D. room assignment at the J.D. time. For the J.D. fall 2013 exam schedule, please go here.

First Year Exams

Spring 2014

Tuesday, April 29

Constitutional Law (A) Baxter

Constitutional Law (B1) Fleming

Constitutional Law (B2) Maclin

Constitutional Law (C) Lahav

Friday, May 2

Property (A) Lawson

Property (B) Dogan

Civil Procedure (C) Webber

Monday, May 5

Legislation (A2) Silbaugh

Legislation (B) Leonard

Legislation (C) Wexler
Friday, May 9 Criminal Law (A) Bridges
Criminal Law (B) Fisher
Criminal Law (C1) Leonard
Criminal Law (C2) Simons

Take-Home Exams

Legislation (A1) Moncrieff - Exam may be picked up between 8:30am and 9:00am on Monday, May 5 and must be returned 8 hours later.

Subject to Change
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