The John S. Baerst Award for Excellence in Teaching

John S. Baerst was the Director of the Morin Center (now the BU Center for Finance, Law & Policy) from 1996 until 2005.  To honor his memory and years of leadership, the Center has established an award for "excellence in teaching", which will be presented to a deserving faculty member of the Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law each year at graduation time.

Professor Baerst joined the faculty of the School of Law in 1996, after many years at Barclays Bank PLC, where he served as general counsel and then as President and CEO of Barclays Bank of New York, NA. Prior to Barclays, he practiced corporate and securities law at the New York firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett.

In the Graduate Program, Professor Baerst taught courses in international banking and the resolution of transnational disputes. He noted that “the terrific energy that you find in the financial marketplace has a constant impact on the law of banking and finance. It’s hard to think of another field in which public policy, commerce and law are so closely joined.”

Professor Baerst was an active member of the American Bar Association’s banking law committee. He was also part of the teaching faculty of Banking Law Basics, a semi-annual lecture series sponsored by the Center and the ABA and which he co-founded with former Center Associate Director Edward Lane-Reticker.

According to Center Director Cornelius Hurley, "We are all aware of the huge contribution John made to the Center during almost a decade of leadership." The award is intended to recognize John's deep commitment to the Center and its faculty and students.

Award Winners

2010 Stuart E. Fross
2011 Albert S. Dandridge, III
2012 Francis C. Morrissey
2013 Mark K. W. Gim
2014 Cornelius K. Hurley
2015 Richard Daingerfield