Exam Information

Certain rules and procedures apply to the taking and administration of exams at the School of Law. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please contact the Graduate Program at 617.353.3023.

To protect our anonymous grading policy, if you cannot take an exam due to serious illness or other emergency, do NOT contact the professor.  Rather, please contact the Graduate Program at 617.353.3023 before the exam begins to obtain information on the procedure to follow.


The following information is excerpted from the current Academic & Disciplinary Regulations in effect for Boston University School of Law. Each student should be familiar with this material.

Examination rules

The following rules apply to all examinations in the Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law. Additional rules may be prescribed by the Program for the conduct of examinations generally, and by an instructor for the conduct of an examination in a particular course.

    1. Unless otherwise authorized by the Program Committee, all final examinations will be of at least two hours' duration. All questions and answers will be in writing.

    2. All final examinations, including take-home examinations, will be given and graded on an anonymous basis. Each student's examination paper will be identified solely by the number received by the student with the exam paper.

    3. Take-home examinations are issued by, and returned to, the Graduate Program office.

    4. All final examinations are "closed-book" unless otherwise specified.

    5. Students may not consult books, notes, other material, or other persons, during an examination, including take-home examinations, except as authorized by the instructor. Students may have in their possession during an examination only those materials specified by the instructor.

    6. Students shall promptly stop writing and turn in their examination papers when the time set for the examinations has expired.

    7. No student will be permitted to retake an examination for any purpose, including the purpose of raising the student's grade.

    8. Students shall be granted access to the essay portion of their examination papers after the final grades have been released.

    9. Except in the case of an emergency, students taking an in-class examination may leave the examination room only as necessary to use the restrooms. Access to classrooms, lockers, libraries, and student offices is prohibited to students while taking an examination.

    10. A student who, for any reason, has been granted permission to reschedule an examination after the regularly scheduled date is prohibited from discussing with other students any aspect of the examination questions or answers prior to taking the rescheduled examination. In the unusual circumstance where a student is granted permission to take an examination prior to its regularly scheduled date, the student is prohibited from discussing the examination after taking it.