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Courses Outside BU Law

LL.M. in American Law students must obtain permission from John Riccardi, Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs, to register for all non-Law School courses at Boston University except Physical Education courses. 

After obtaining approval from Dean Riccardi, students should confer with Cara Hebard, ALP Program Coordinator, about the registration procedure. Each school within BU handles course registration differently, so the registration process will vary depending on the school at which you wish to take a class.


Courses taken at another school in the University must be graduate level courses (level 500 or greater) to receive law credit. Credit from non-Law School courses put towards the American Law degree is limited to three credits per course and to one course per semester, unless otherwise permitted by the director. Credit is further limited to a maximum of six credits for the entire year; and, in all instances, to courses which further the educational objectives of the Program.

The Law School can grant credit only for the number of contact hours per week provided by the course in question, regardless of how much credit the other school may grant for the course. For example, if the course meets for two hours per week, the School of Law will grant it only two credit hours, even if the other school grants the course three or more credits. (Fifty minutes is considered one contact hour.)


Grades received for non-School of Law classes are recorded on the student's transcript but are not included in the student's average. It is the student's responsibility to see that a grade received from another school within Boston University is conveyed to the School of Law's Registrar's office in time to meet the School of Law's deadlines. A student who receives a failing grade in a course taken outside the School of Law shall not receive credit for such course unless the school or department in which the course is taken grants credit for failed courses

Non-Law Course Descriptions and Schedules

Physical Education

Physical Education courses (called PDP classes) vary from 0.5 to 2.0 credits. Course descriptions and schedules can be found on the FitRec Web site. Please note that Law students may not take a Physical Education course for law credit; such courses must be audited. Credits for PDP classes will count toward your 18-credit semester course limit. To register for a PDP class, complete a PDP add form (also available in the OGIP), get the course instructor to sign it, and submit it to the University Registrar’s Office at 881 Commonwealth Avenue.

Graduate School of Management

Copies of the GSM schedule are available in the LAW Registrar's Office and on the Student Link. MBA course descriptions are also available at the Registrar's Office and on the SMG Web site.

College of Communication

Copies of the COM schedule are available solely via the Student Link. Course descriptions are available on the COM Web site.

School of Public Health

Copies of the SPH schedule are available in the LAW Registrar's Office or on the SPH Web site.  

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Schedule information is available via the Student Link.