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Second- and Third-Year Courses

Courses open to American Law LLM students only

Courses open to American Law LLM students and J.D. Students

The following upper-level classes and seminars a open to LL.M. in American Law students, with some limited exceptions. Please click on any of the following courses and/or seminars to receive more detailed information, including descriptions.

Notes: An (S) in the title field indicates a seminar. Seminars are smaller-sized classes (usually no more than 25 students) with research paper requirements (instead of exams).

A (C) denotes that the class is a clinical course. Clinical courses are not open to LL.M. students.

If a course cannot be taken on a Credit/No Credit/Honors basis (Cr/NC/H), it will be noted in the course description. More information about this registration option can be found here.

Where the class indicated a "pre-requisite" or a "co-requisite," please realize that this information pertains to J.D. students. Professors may waive these requirements for LL.M. students who have prior exposure to the topic. You may discuss your preparedness for any class with the professor or Assistant Dean Riccardi.