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Here are several important reminders to keep in mind as you take your final exams – and before you start celebrating the end of the term. Please read this information carefully, as you are responsible for being aware of all important exam-related information.


The LL.M. in American Law/exchange student exam schedules are posted at:

WHERE TO GO: The exam schedule shows which rooms are rooms for students who are taking their exams using Exam Soft; and which rooms are for students who are hand-writing their exams. If you originally signed up for Exam Soft but then change your mind and decide to handwrite your exam, you should still report to the Exam Soft room for your test(s). (This ensures that the proper number of exams are available in the correct rooms.)

WHEN TO ARRIVE:If you are hand-writing your exam, you need to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the exam.  If you are using Exam Soft, you will need to arrive at your designated room at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam. Those using Exam Soft must have downloaded the exam file in Exam Soft prior to the exam day. If you are using Exam Soft should not leave the room without receiving confirmation that your exam file uploaded properly.  If you are having difficulty uploading your exam you should seek assistance from Systems & Technology staff in the room.

If you arrive late, you may not be allowed to take the exam.

Please bring your BU ID card with you, since you'll need to write your BU ID number on your exam cards. Your exam card is the only place that you will record your name and BU ID number. You should also bring your unique exam number (accessible from the Student Link) to each exam. You must write this four digit number on all the exam materials (exam card, exam questions, scantron sheet and blue book, if applicable.)

Please note: LL.M. in American Law students receive an extra hour on exams, beyond the JD time limit, with the following exception, as stated in our academic regulations (Article VI Examinations): students whose native language is English and who completed their first degree in law in English in a country where the native language is English shall not be entitled to an extra hour. You will be notified by the OGIP if you do NOT qualify for additional time.


When you sit down to take your tests, you'll be asked to put aside whatever cultural norms you've grown accustomed to from your home countries and abide by the rules governing how we administer exams at BU Law. Your exams (as with all student exams) will be supervised by a proctor. The proctor will ask you to comply with the following. Please do so.

1. Sit every other seat during the exam (no sitting next to each other).

2. Only one person at a time (one male and one female) will be allowed to leave the exam room to use the restrooms. You must sign your name on the blackboard when you leave and erase it when you return. If there is an emergency, please discuss this with the proctor. You'll be allowed to leave to room only to use the restrooms -- not to have a smoke, or do anything else.

3. No talking or communicating with others during the exam. You are not allowed to share any books or other materials -- or otherwise communicate with each other in any way -- during the exam. This means under no circumstances can you talk with each other, pass notes, etc. PLEASE DON'T EVEN THINK OF TALKING TO EACH OTHER DURING A TEST.

4. No cell phones are allowed in the exam room. You must leave your cell phones in your lockers or elsewhere.

5. You must stop writing when time is called. It will be tempting to continue working, but PLEASE don't. This has been a problem in the past.

6. As for what you can bring into the exams, the proctor will tell you whether your exam is "closed book," "open book," or "restricted open book" and announce what materials are allowed if the exam is restricted open book. You should find out ahead of time whether your exams are open, closed, or restricted open book and what materials you can bring, if the latter. If your exam is “restricted” or “closed” book, you will be asked to move your backpacks and other items to either the front or side of the room.

7. You are allowed to bring in a regular (non-legal) English-foreign language and regular English dictionary to all your exams, even to your closed book exams. YOU NEED TO BRING IN YOUR OWN DICTIONARY. DO NOT EXPECT TO USE A DICTIONARY THAT IS ON RESERVE IN THE LIBRARY. These books must not contain any handwritten notes if you bring them into a closed book exam. You cannot bring in an English/foreign law dictionary unless the exam is a restricted open book exam and the professor has allowed for this, or unless the exam is a completely open book exam. You cannot bring in any kind of electronic devise, such as an electronic dictionary, even into open book exams.

8.  If you have a question during the exam, ask the proctor.  Do not simply leave the room.   Do not ask a classmate.   If you are not sure about how much time is remaining for your exam or cannot see what is written on the blackboard, ask the proctor. 

As I've mentioned, please understand that violation of these rules may subject you to disciplinary action, including possible expulsion. It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway and will repeat myself) that this is something we all want to avoid. These rules, and the consequences of their violation, apply to all BU Law students, so please realize you're not being singled out or being treated differently. (I speak from unfortunate experience when I inform you that the School's faculty Judicial Committee does not have great sympathy for culturally-based defenses to alleged disciplinary violations, like "We're allowed to talk during our exams at home.")


1. During the exam period, the proctor will write the remaining time on the board at regular intervals. Because several different exams may be administered in the room at the same time, please pay close attention to the remaining time for YOUR exam -- not one of the other exams being administered.

2. When your exam is over, you'll be required to turn in all exam materials, including the exam questions. DO NOT LEAVE THE EXAM ROOM WITH THE EXAM QUESTIONS. If you finish an exam early, please try to leave the room quietly out of courtesy to others who still might be working.

3. Because all exams are graded on an anonymous "blind" basis, it is improper for you to contact your professors after you've taken an exam and to communicate information that reveals the identity of your exam. For example, if you accidentally missed seeing three questions on the test, don't seek out the professor to tell him/her this. See me.

4. You need to bring your BU ID cards to your exams so you can write your ID number on your exam cards. Your proctor will instruct you on this. Do not write your ID number on the actual exam books.


If you have two exams on the same day, or in certain situations where you have three exams in three consecutive days, or four in a row, you may be entitled to move one of your scheduled exams.

Please visit to view detailed information on exam relief.

Please contact Assistant Dean Riccardi or Shannon Supitkowsky if you are facing an exam conflict or otherwise believe you're entitled to an exam schedule change. You can also make your arrangements directly through the Registrar's Office on the fourth floor. If you are granted exam relief and take an exam on a different day, you'll be asked to sign a form certifying that you will not discuss the exam with others.


In the event you run into an emergency before an exam, contact Assistant Dean Riccardi, Shannon, or the Registrar's Office immediately. Please don't wait until after the exam is over to tell us that you missed it for some reason. If you are concerned about how you think you performed, see Assistant Dean Riccardi- not the professor. I might not be able to make you feel better, but I'll at least try to put things in perspective.


If you are sick and are not feeling well enough to take an exam, you should contact John or Shannon BEFORE THE EXAM. We will ask you to go to University Health Services to see a doctor, who – with your permission -- will be able to certify that your illness prevents you from taking the test. We can then reschedule the test. Life gets very complicated if the first time you tell us you are sick is after you take an exam. It’s almost impossible to help you out in that situation, so if you are not feeling well, it is better to not take the test at all.