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Book Lists and Required Course Materials

2015-2016 Textbook Information

Information regarding required texts will be available through the Barnes & Noble at Boston University web site. Students are not required to purchase texts through Barnes & Noble at Boston University. When purchasing texts through another vendor be sure to purchase the correct edition; to allow sufficient time for delivery; and to familiarize yourself with the return policies of the vendor. Please note that Barnes & Noble at Boston University is an independent entity and cannot accept returns from other Barnes & Noble sources.

To view your texts:

  1. Have your course confirmation or schedule with course numbers from the Student Link available.
  2. Visit the Barnes & Noble at Boston University site.
  3. Enter the semester - "FALL 2015 ONCAMPUS" for fall OR "Spring oncampus 2016" for spring.
  4. Select LAW JD as the department.
  5. Select the course number and applicable section.
  6. Add the course.
  7. These steps may be repeated to add multiple courses before you select "View Your Textbook List"


Course Materials

Course packets may be available for purchase through FedEx Office, either supplemental to or in lieu of a text. The document below lists the classes using course packets and their approximate cost.
Course Packets Fall 2015 - excel

For the following courses please use the instructions below to find information on course materials:

Fall 2015

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Reich)
LAW JD881 (A1)
Please check course website and/or syllabus for information on other course materials in addition to the text available through the bookstore.

Fiduciary Law (S) Frankel
LAW JD860 (A1)
Please check course website and/or syllabus for information on course materials

Mutual Funds (Frankel)
LAW JD852 (A1)
Please check course website and/or syllabus for information on course materials

Spring 2015

Compliance in Financial Services Co. (Frankel)
LAW JD769 (A1)
Please check course website and/or syllabus for information on course materials

Securitization (Frankel)
LAW JD987 (A1)

Please check course website and/or syllabus for information on course materials


Blackboard Learn

All course syllabi are posted on the Blackboard Learn course management system.  Students may connect to Blackboard Learn at The link is also on the Quick Links section of all pages in J.D. Central.   


Within Blackboard Learn, links to courses in which students are officially enrolled appear in the My Courses tab.  Students who are officially enrolled in a course should have access to any posted materials about a week before classes start.  Please note that students who enroll after the initial enrollment period (e.g. during Add/Drop) will be added to the course overnight and should have access to course materials the next morning.  Materials will generally be accessible from the Course Information & Course Documents sections of the Blackboard Learn course site.


Students who are not enrolled in a course will also be able to view materials for the course through Blackboard Learn. Once students are logged into the system they should select the “All Blackboard Learn Courses” tab. Choose the School of Law folder on the right side of the page and then use the Browse Categories drop down menu to select "Fall 2015 [LAW]". There will be a list of law courses with sites.  Once the sites are set up students should have access to the content area with the syllabus and first assignments. If you have issues accessing the Blackboard Learn site please see the faculty member’s assistant for the syllabus or other course material prior to enrolling in the course. 



  • JD students who cannot log in to the Blackboard Learn system, please visit the School of Law Registrar's Office.  LLM and Exchange students should visit their respective Graduate Programs Office.
  • For all questions or problems regarding access to specific courses, please see the faculty member's assistant.
  • Contact Blackboard Learn support (, Help tab) if you were enrolled or added to a course more than 24 hours ago and do not have the course link in your my Courses tab or if you were enrolled or added to the wrong course section.
  • NOTE: Students who subsequently drop a course are not automatically dropped from the Blackboard Learn roster.  Please contact the faculty member's assistant to be manually removed from the roster

Updated 6/30/2015
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