Part-Time LL.M. Students

LL.M. students in the Graduate Tax and Banking Programs are able to enroll on a part-time basis. For financial aid purposes, part-time students are treated in a slightly different way than full-time students.

At least half-time enrollment

Half-time enrollment is considered to be 6 credits per semester for both programs. This distinction is important for students who would like to borrow to cover the costs associated with their LL.M. program. Students should be aware of the following:

  • Federal Direct Stafford Loans - Must be enrolled on at least a half-time basis. If a student falls below half-time status during any semester, their loans for that semester will be canceled. A student may be considered eligible one semester and ineligible for another in the same academic year. A student with only one semester of eligibility for a given academic year may receive the maximum annual limit for Federal Stafford Loans during their eligible semester.
  • Private Loans - Private lenders may require half-time enrollment as well. Students should check with their preferred lender to review their specific requirements and options..
  • Deferment of prior federal loans - Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive an in-school deferment on a prior educational loan.

Students who anticipate that they will be enrolled for 6 or more credits in one semester and less than 6 in another semester during an academic year should contact the Law Financial Aid Office to make sure that they understand all their options.

Payment By Credit Card

Part-time students are allowed to make tuition payments by credit card. Students should follow the instructions on the Student Accounting Services website.

Deferred Payment Plans

Part-time students are eligible for the University's Deferred Payment Plans. Students should follow the instructions on the Student Accounting Services website.