General Information

How do I settle my tuition bill?

The Student Accounts Office mails tuition bills to the student's permanent addresse about six weeks before the payment deadline. Your tuition bill will list your charges (tuition, fees, and medical insurance) and will list any scholarships and Federal Direct Loans as pending credits. If an amount is still owed after the pending credits are deducted from the charges, students must provide proof of other aid (such as an approved private loan) or send a payment for the balance by the deadline.

Payment Deadlines and Methods of Payment

Students who will be paying all or a portion of their tuition using their own resources will find payment instructions from BU’s Student Accounting Services office on our website.

Please note, Online Graduate Tax students must follow the payment deadlines established for Distance Education Students.

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How do I request a refund of a credit balance?

Refund of a Credit Balance

If your total financial aid exceeds tuition and fees, you will receive a refund of the credit balance that appears on your Student Account.

Boston University utilizes an online refund request process. You may request your refund on the StudentLink once the funds have been received by the University and posted to your account.

Your refund will be directly deposited into your U.S. bank account as follows:

  • Step 1 – From StudentLink select “Money Matters” and then “Student Account Inquiry”
  • Step 2 – BU Law Financial Aid will review your refund request and confirm your eligibility for a refund
  • Step 3 – Approved refunds will be deposited into the bank account you provide within 3-5 business days
  • Step 4 – You will receive an email notification once your refund is approved

Note: If the credit on your student account is the result of pending financial aid items, Boston University has not received the funds. You may not have a refund issued until the awards have posted to your student account.

Federal Loans that cover more than tuition and fees:

In compliance with federal regulations, an automatic refund will be processed if the total amount of your federal loans (Stafford Loans and/or Graduate PLUS) exceeds allowable semester expenses, unless you authorize the University to retain the funds to cover other expenses. Allowable expenses include, and are limited to, tuition, required fees, and contract room and board. . This is known as a Title IV Refund.

Since federal regulations prohibit the University from using excess federal funds for non-allowable charges (including medical insurance, late fees, Convenience Points, library fines, and prior balances) a federal refund may result in an outstanding balance on your student account.

You can prevent this balance by completing a Federal Financial Aid Credit Authorization Form and submitting it to Student Accounting Services.

  • File a Federal Financial Aid Credit Authorization on the Student Link OR
  • Download the form here

If you have a scholarship, the amount of the scholarship is not counted as part of the Title IV refund amount and will remain on your student account until you request the refund.

Please note: You should bring adequate funds to cover September/January expenses such as rent, security deposit, books, and relocation costs. Boston University policy prohibits the University from releasing any funds to a student before the first day of classes.


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How do I include the cost of a computer in my budget? Higher rent? BU medical insurance?

Additions to the Student Budget

There are some additional expenses that can be added to your budget upon your written request. These additional expenses include the cost of the BU student medical insurance, child care expenses, medical costs not covered by insurance, actual rent, and the cost of a computer. There are limitations on these increases. Students should contact the Law Financial Aid Office with questions. Documentation must be submitted with a completed Budget Increase Request Form.

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How do I re-apply for Federal Direct Stafford Loans? Graduate PLUS Loans? Private Loans?

If you will be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) over more than one academic year, you must re-apply for any loans that you wish to receive - federal and private.

Stafford and Graduate PLUS borrowers must complete the FAFSA and Loan Request Forms for each type of loan. The Loan Request forms are available on this section of the website. Promissory notes and Entrance Counseling requirements transfer from year to year and do not need to be completed annually.

Private loan borrowers should contact their lender to re-apply and can usually apply online.

Code of Conduct

What happens if I take a leave of absence or withdraw?

Tuition Refund Schedule for students who withdraw

Note: Registration and other fees are non-refundable as of the first day of classes. Deposits toward Tuition and/or Room and Board are non-refundable.

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