Faculty Talks & Workshops

The Student Affairs’ Office sponsors several brown bag lunch talks by prominent faculty, alumni and other attorneys on legal topics in the news and on cutting-edge issues in law.  Recent topics have included the constitutionality of teaching intelligent design in schools; the military’s policy on gays and lesbians in the military; civil liberties and public health issues raised by Hurricane Katrina; and legal operations in Iraq. 

We also strive to make our students’ whole experience better.  We offer workshops on issues such as work/family balance; law school exam-taking strategies; time and stress management; and how to have a public interest career with a high loan debt. 

Law students increasingly are concerned about fitness and health. The Student Affairs' Office has joined with B.U. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Services to offer a new "Live Well, Learn Well" program tailored to law students. Our goal is to improve students' academic performance and personal well-being through small changes in exercise and nutrition while being realistic about students' busy lives.

Did you know:

  • Walking steps inside the Law Tower instead of taking the elevator makes a big difference in calories burned?
  • You can still eat on the run at the B.U. Union Court but have a healthier diet?
  • That it's possible to modify eating habits and still be a busy law student?
  • That even small changes in exercise (e.g., taking more steps) makes a big difference?

Look for "Live Well, Learn Well" posters throughout the stairwells on how steps translate into calories burned, and other information on nutrition and lifestyle tips. We'll also periodically offer "healty choice" snacks such as cookies and muffins from B.U. Dining Services as options at some law school events.