Welcomer Programs

Upperclass students volunteer to welcome all incoming 1L students during first-year registration and orientation in late August. The Welcomers are there to answer questions and help orient new students to Boston University School of Law. Welcomers also give tours of the law school, serve on panels related to class preparation, professors, study techniques, etc., and may choose to organize and/or participate in the optional service day.

Be Yourself Orientation is for first-year students of color, LGBTQ students, and those students interested in diversity in the law school and legal profession. Any questions may be directed to Brenda Hernandez.

How do I become a welcomer?

Applications for Orientation of the class of 2016 are now available here. The deadline for submitting an Application is Monday, February 24. If you have any further questions about the program, contact Jill Collins or Dean Marx at 617.358.1800, or stop by the Student Affairs office in the Dean's Office area on the 4th floor.

2013 Orientation Welcomers

2013 Orientation Welcomers