First-Year Advisor Program - Student Advisor Group List

2013-2014 Student Advisors

Below is the tentative student advisor group listing. If your name appears in bold (to be updated later), you are the lead advisor for the group, and will be responsible for contacting the faculty advisor to set up the first social gathering in the early fall. Please note that we may need to change around some groups depending on how many faculty advisors we have; thanks for your understanding.

Also please note the three student Co-Directors for 13-14. Each Co-Director is in charge of a 1L section. The section assignments are as follows:
Juliaana DiGesu - Section A
Kyra Berasi - Section B
Irene Burga - Section C

There are three MANDATORY advisor meetings the first few weeks of class.

The first meeting is Thursday, September 12 at 4:15 p.m. This is the meeting where we will go through your “Student Advisor Guide” and discuss what you can expect during the year. You will also receive your list of advisees. If you cannot make this meeting due to a class conflict, you must notify Kelly Sullivan (617-358-1800) BEFORE the meeting; otherwise you will be replaced with another advisor and dropped from the program.

The second meeting is Monday, September 16 at 1:00 p.m. This is the kick-off reception where you will meet your advisees and connect with the faculty advisors. Information on the various locations will be given to you at the first meeting.

The third meeting is Thursday, October 3 at 1:00 p.m. This is the Student Advisor Program Training where we invite a few experts to speak to you about issues that you may encounter while serving as an advisor. Our office will discuss some of the resources and sources of support available to you and your advisees, and additional speakers will include representatives from Behavioral Medicine, Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, and the Sexual Assault and Prevention Center.

Thanks for being an advisor!

2013-2014 Preliminary Student Advisor Group List

Group 1

Kathryn Gevitz
Sarah Pickering
Joseph Lingenfelter
Jared Shwartz


Group 2

Alexander Campbell
Robert Konkel
Amy Baral
Jeff Hoffman


Group 3

Albert Heng
Krystyna Marini
Yareni Sanchez
Diona Vakili


Group 4

Lisa Landry
Hannah Fine
Caroline Curley


Group 5

Harrison Kaplan
Sky Kochenour
Emily Kraus
Dan Willey


Group 6

Elizabeth deMoll
Remi Vespi
Jamie Cosme


Group 7

Jennifer Gardner
Kate LeBeaux
Jacqueline Nutile


Group 8

Maureen Stringham
Cassandra LaRussa
Jennifer Zinn
Jessica Ziehler


Group 9

Hannah Tanabe
Meghan Kelly
Adam Logan


Group 10

Anita Mohandas
Tanya Beroukhim
Caroline Holda


Group 11

Matthew Gordon
Tyler Lewis
Nichole Beiner


Group 12

Stephanie Cipolla
Aaron Horth
Lisa Gilbert
Janee Johnson


Group 13

Chelsea Kallas
Kathryn Francetic
Corbin Carter


Group 14

Sarah Simkin
Gregory  Gambill
Frank Ren
Yasmin  Ghassab


Group 15

Christine O'Rourke
Bridgette Pighin
Tim Bolte
Lindsay Gabrielsen


Group 16

Alyce Chen
Sarah Bidinger
Emily Kogut
Mirco Haag


Group 17

Camilla Johnson
Samantha Maurer
Georgina Suzuki