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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements of the BU Law Voluntary Pro Bono Program?

Participating J.D. students pledge a minimum of 35 hours of unpaid work of meaningful law-related service to persons of limited means or to organizations that serve such persons or to other organizations dedicated to under-represented groups and/or social issues during their three years in law school. Participating LL.M. students pledge a minimum of 12 hours for the same pro bono work.

Do clinical programs qualify as pro bono work?

No. Legal work performed in one of the BU Law clinical programs for academic credit will not qualify towards the pro bono program.

Does pro bono work performed during a paid summer job qualify under our program?

Not if the student is getting paid to do the pro bono work. Pro bono work meeting the BU Law required criteria done outside of a paying job would qualify.

Does public interest work funded by PIP or other summer grants count for pro bono work?

No. To qualify for pro bono work under the BU Law program, the work must be unpaid, from any source.

Does work performed during full-time unpaid summer internships count for pro bono work?

No. Work performed during full-time unpaid summer internships does not count as pro bono work.

How will students find pro bono opportunities?

BU Law has partnerships with a number of organizations through which students may find individual or group pro bono projects. Students may contact any of our Pro Bono Partners directly and inquire about pro bono projects. A list of Pro Bono Partners can be found here.The Pro Bono staff also posts opportunities on the website. You can find a current list of opportunities here. You can also create your own pro bono opportunity. Information on creating your own pro bono opportunity can be found here.

May students find their own pro bono projects?

Yes. Students are encouraged to seek their own pro bono projects based upon their specific interests. However, to ensure that the pro bono work meets the specific requirements of the BU Law Pro Bono Program, please contact the Pro Bono Program before committing to any such project.

How will students record their pro bono service hours?

Students log their pro bono work hours using the BU Law Pro Bono tracking form . Once completed, students submit time sheets to the Pro Bono Program, housed in the Career Development Office. We ask that students submit their hours before the end of each semester.

How does the law school recognize student participation in the Pro Bono Program?

To encourage and recognize student commitment to pro bono work, the law school includes a notation on student transcripts stating the number of pro bono hours completed. We also have an annual pro bono celebration. At the Celebration, the graduating JD student who has completed the highest number of pro bono hours recieves an award.