Academic Programs

Legal Writing Fellows Program

One of the most important resources available to first-year students are the Legal Writing Fellows. Fellows attend weekly seminars and meet with students regularly to discuss each writing assignment. Besides helping students with their assignments and first-year moot court, Fellows can help first-year students with the more general challenges of the first year of law school.

Fellows work closely with the writing instructors to develop and update research and writing assignments and to prepare sample answers for each writing assignment.

Finally, a Legal Writing Fellow's writing and research skills benefit from participation in the Program.

The Program

Each Writing Seminar has one Legal Writing Fellow who attends each weekly seminar meeting and meets with the students regularly to discuss each assignment. In addition, Fellows help instructors develop and update research and writing assignments and write sample answers for instructor-drafted assignments. Participation in this program earns the Fellow two credits per semester.

Training and Supervision

Legal Writing Fellows attend workshops for writing instructors held during the evening in late summer and the fall. In addition, Fellows attend a class taught by Professor Volk every two weeks. During this class, Fellows discuss work in progress and receive additional instruction and feedback.

Grades and Credit

Students receive a separate grade for each semester. The director of the First-Year Writing Program grades Fellows based on their assigned tasks. Students also receive two credits per semester, but only if they participate in the program for a full year. As with the clinical programs, a student who wants to drop the program must petition the Academic Standards Committee for permission.


To apply for a position, students should complete an Application and submit a writing sample to the First Year Writing Program. The director will interview each applicant, and accepted students will register for the program during regular course registration. Both first- and second-year students may apply, but second-year students will receive preference.