Academic Programs

Admissions Requirements

In order to qualify for admission to the Seven Semester Program, a BU J.D. student must:

  • Have and maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of B or better; and
  • Complete, with grades of B or better, the basic Federal Income Taxation course (for which credit toward the LL.M. degree is not given) and 12 or more additional credits of qualified tax courses (12 of which may be credited toward both the J.D. and the LL.M. degree programs.  These latter courses must include at least one corporate tax course and at least one partnership tax course.

Admission Procedure

Students at the School of Law must apply separately to, and be accepted by, the Graduate Tax Program (link to GTP web site).  Any Boston University J.D. student who has taken the basic Federal Income Taxation course may apply for admission to the Seven Semester Program in the student’s sixth semester in the J.D. program. Applications may be made during a student’s fourth or fifth semester in the J.D. program if the applicant already has completed six additional credits in Qualified Tax Courses. Applicants must follow the regular application process for admission to the Graduate Tax Program, with the following exceptions:

  • They need to submit only one letter of recommendation which must be from a member of the B.U. J.D. faculty.
  • They do not need to provide official transcripts of their pre-J.D. program academic work.  

Applicants will be notified whether they will be offered admission to the Seven Semester Program shortly after the application file is complete.  All offers of admission to the Graduate Tax Program are conditional upon the applicant completing the admission requirements set forth above and successfully completing the J.D. program.

For more information about the Seven Semester Program, please consult the Graduate Tax Program Academic Regulation.  Prospective Seven Semester Program students may stop by the GTP office in Suite 1670 of the Law Tower to talk to the Director or the Assistant Director about the program or to pick-up an application and detailed Graduate Tax Program brochure. 


Contact the GTP office at 617.353.3105 or