Academic Programs

Admissions Requirements

Students ordinarily apply to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences before or during the first year of law school, to begin the MA program in the second year of law school. Students may use their School of Law application materials, including their Law School application, recommendations, and personal statement, to apply to the Graduate School. In addition, the Graduate School will accept the LSAT in lieu of the GRE. (With your written authorization, the Law School Admissions Office will forward these materials to the Graduate School on your behalf.)

Note: Applicants must also submit a writing sample, which should be their best college term paper (preferably in a philosophy course).

Applicants should have a substantial background in philosophy--ordinarily the equivalent of an undergraduate major, and typically with an average of B or higher.

For additional information about admission to the Philosophy Department, contact: Professor Hugh Baxter, School of Law, 617/353-4011.