Academic Programs

Admissions Requirements

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Students must apply and be admitted separately to the School of Law and to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GRS). For School of Law application procedures, please consult the School of Law web site. For the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences application procedures, please consult the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of English web site for information on applying to GRS.

a. To be admitted to the joint degree M.A. in English program, students should have a substantial background in literature, at a minimum the equivalent of a minor (six courses), and preferably more.

b. Once students are admitted to the JD program, they may request that the JD application (and transcripts) be forwarded to GRS from the JD Admissions Office. Requests can be made via email to Law Admissions. Note the following:

  1. Students ordinarily apply to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciencesbefore or during their first year of law school to begin the M.A. program in their second year of law school. Students may apply to the two programs simultaneously or sequentially. A J.D. student must apply to GRS no later than his or her third semester in law school.
  2. If a student applies to the M.A. in English after beginning law school, he/she must write a new personal statement and submit at least one new letter of recommendation. Both should address the student’s scholarly skills and achievement in English and interest in the J.D./M.A. program. (The student also should submit his/her other law recommendations).
  3. Must take the General GRE (Graduate Record Examination). The subject matter GRE in Literature in English is recommended but not required.