Academic Programs


Boston University School of Law’s faculty includes nationally known and widely published scholars in virtually all areas of the law relevant to transactional practice, including corporations and other business organizations, finance, securities laws, tax law, commercial law and intellectual property.

In addition, the faculty includes seasoned practitioners, who bring to the Transactional Law Program and the Transactional Practice Concentration a wealth of experience and practice skills in structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing transactions. Thus, the faculty who teach in the Transactional Law Program (listed below) are able to provide students with boththe foundational doctrinal knowledge and the basic practice, analytical and problem-solving skills increasingly demanded even of beginning practitioners by law firms, other employers and clients.

Core Doctrinal/Business Courses and Doctrinal/Business Electives


Transactional Practice, Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills Courses

Professor Kent A. Coit (Room 1506E, 617.358.7105) is the faculty director of the Transactional Law Program and the faculty advisor for the Transactional Practice Concentration. He will be available to answer substantive questions about the concentration before students decide to concentrate and during a student's course of study. Questions about the administrative details of the concentration may be directed to Associate Dean Geraldine M. Muir (Room 503B; 617.358.1800).