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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether to Concentrate

Should I concentrate in an area of law?

If you are interested in a particular area of law and you think you will practice in this area throughout your career, consider doing one of the Law School's concentrations. Concentrations provide a structured way to organize courses, and they demonstrate substantial knowledge of a particular area.

The career perspective on concentrations

Within a particular area of law, a concentration can maximize job opportunities. However, for firms or organizations that do not specialize in a concentration area, having a concentration may limit your employment options with those employers. (For example, if you are thinking of doing a concentration in Intellectual Property but want to apply to be an assistance district attorney prosecuting criminal cases, it may be hard for the district attorney's office to see the relevance of doing an IP concentration).

The advantage of doing a concentration is that you can emphasize or de-emphasize the concentration depending on the employer. Bottom line: consider doing a concentration because of your interest in the concentration subject area, not because you want it automatically to ease your job search. Having a concentration can be an asset for the right employer.

How do I sign up for a concentration?

Please complete a form that is available in our Registrar's Office or on-line. While there is no specified deadline by which this form must be completed, you should do so as soon as possible so that we can make sure you satisfy all concentration requirements.

Can I sign up for a concentration and change my mind later?

Yes. Just notify our Registrar's Office as soon as possible.

If I concentrate, will that be listed on my transcript?

Students who concentrate receive a separate certificate from our Registrar's Office indicating that they completed a concentration. The concentration does not appear on the transcript in order to give students more flexibility in the job search.

Who should I see about having a course approved for a concentration or seeing if a course I took before law school might satisfy a concentration requirement?

Each concentration has a faculty advisor; please contact the faculty advisor if you have questions about the concentration or wish to have a course that is not listed as satisfying a concentration requirement count toward the concentration. The Registrar's Office, 4th floor, has a list of faculty advisors for the concentrations each year.