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Legislative Policy & Drafting Clinics

State House

The Legislative Policy & Drafting Clinics offer a one-semester, six-credit clinical program that gives students hands-on experience drafting legislation focused on important public issues. Students draft legislation for state senators and representatives, administrative agencies and public interest groups. Drafters work closely with clients, editors and faculty. Weekly seminars, small critique group meetings and individual attention from editors support students in their client work.

Drafters select their projects from a list of topic areas distributed at the beginning of the semester. Each drafter provides the client with a legislative bill and a supporting research report.

  • Most bills are filed in the Massachusetts legislature, and some have become law.
  • Successful completion of the research report satisfies the Upperclass Writing Requirement.

What the Alumni Say

"I absolutely loved the Legislation Clinic. It taught me more than just the mechanics of a bill. I also got a chance to think through a problem and create a legislative solution. After working in the Massachusetts Senate Counsel's office this summer, I realized that’s how it's done in real life. No one hands you the research and says, “write this.” You have to start with a problem, determine the best solution and then know how to write it."

—Amie Filipchuk (‘06)

"I flew to California with my client and testified before two Senate committees about a privacy-protection bill I drafted in the Legislation Clinics. The Legislation Clinic's research methodology enabled me to explain to a roomful of state senators why the alternative solutions proposed by top field experts would not adequately protect privacy."

—Zoe Davidson ('04)