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What is the difference between the Africa i-Parliaments Clinic, and American Legislative Practice?

Both programs are one-semester programs open to second-year and third-year students. The Africa i-Parliaments Clinic is a writing intensive in-house clinic that teaches students how to draft bills, with a focus on supporting the African Parliamentary Knowledge Network initiative. American Legislative Practice covers subjects that affect the legislative process. American Legislative Practice has two fieldwork sections to choose from: an internship section and an in-house clinic section.

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If I don’t plan to work in government, what do the Legislative Clinics offer?

Statutes and regulations have become central to lawyers’ work in the private sector as well as the public. Private lawyers not only advise clients on existing law but also draft and comment on changes in the law during the legislative process. Alumni of the Legislative Clinics now work in every practice setting, including large and small law firms and corporate law departments. Many report that their experience in the Legislative Clinics was the chief topic of their interviews for private sector positions.

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What are the chances of a 2L getting into the Legislative Clinics?

Priority is given to third-year students, however, second-year students are welcome in the legislation programs. In fact, we prefer a mix of second-year and third-year students.

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Do the Legislative Clinics count towards a concentration or fulfill the upperclass writing requirement?

A limited number of students may satisfy the Upperclass Writing Requirement through the Africa i-Parliaments Clinic.

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How do I apply?

Students apply through the on-line application system available on the Clinical Programs website following the Clinical Programs Open House, which takes place each April. Applications are due at the end of April for participation in the following academic year.

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How do I find more information about the Legislative Clinics?

Interested students can learn more about the Legislative Clinics at the Clinical Programs Open House.  You are also welcome to contact Professor Sean Kealy at Professor Kealy teaches the Africa i-Parliaments Clinic and American Legislative Practice.

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