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Clinical and experiential learning at Boston University School of Law has come a long way since our first clinical program in 1965. Today – as we approach the 50th anniversary of our clinics – we are proud of the variety of exciting opportunities for students to get real legal experience. 

Students are taking on modern day slavery in the Human Trafficking Clinic; they are fighting for children’s rights in Haiti; they are defending or prosecuting juveniles and adults in criminal matters.  In the civil litigation clinics, students are representing clients fighting for employment rights, seeking to maintain their housing, or escaping from abusive marriages. In our legislative programs, the Uganda Parliament has debated a bill that BU Law students drafted.

Students are also getting experience in a wide variety of practice settings through our many externship programs. This semester  fifty-five students are working as externs in the courts, in federal and state government, for public interest organizations and in house for companies.  Ten students are spending the entire semester in practice in Washington, D.C. as well as other areas of the country and abroad.

Our students have been recognized for the excellent training they have received in the clinics and externships through awards and by employers who value the strength of the practical training we offer.  These pages should give you valuable information about our outstanding programs, faculty, and students. I hope you enjoy learning about what we have to offer!


Lois H. Knight, Director of Clinical and Trial Advocacy Programs