Boston University School of Law

Recommended Classes

Although there are no formal prerequisites for the Semester-in-Practice Program, we recommend you take the following courses to prepare for the Program and to strengthen your application. In addition, you should check with any organizations in which you may be interested to see if they recommend - or require - taking specific classes in preparation for an externship.

Human Rights Externship (Geneva) -

  • International Human Rights Clinic.
  • A public international law course that includes the UN system/machinery. Depending on what classes are being offered each year, look for classes covering: international (public) law; international human rights law; international (public) law and process; international human rights systems; international law and the UN.
  • Knowledge of French is strongly preferred.
  • In addition, an ideal candidate will have spent their summer(s) working for an NGO or IGO dealing with human rights - e.g. International Bridges to Justice, Legal Aid of Cambodia, UNIAP or one of the International Criminal Tribunals.

Government Lawyering in Washington, D.C. -

  • Administrative Law.
  • American Legislative Practice (Clinic or Internship option).
  • Elective(s) focusing on the substantive law you will be engaged in. For example, a student wishing to work for the EPA should take Environmental Law.

Independent Proposal Externship -

  • For litigation-based placements, Evidence.
  • Elective(s) focusing on the substantive law you will be engaged in.