Academic Programs

Judicial Externship Program

The Judicial Externship Program (JEP) is a one semester program where students work with a judge. Placements include both trial and appellate courts at the state and federal level.

Students can expect to handle complex research and writing assignments, and will participate in and observe the daily workings of the court.

The JEP is taught by Professor Sean Kealy in the fall, and Ms. Selena Fitanides in the spring.

Credits and Hours

Students receive variable credits (pass/fail) for the fieldwork component of the externship, determined as follows:

  • 4 credits = 200 hours total (16 hrs/wk)
  • 5 credits = 250 hours total (20 hrs/wk)
  • 6 credits = 300 hours total (24 hrs/wk)
  • 7 credits = 350 hours total (28 hrs/wk)
  • 8 credits = 400 hours total (32 hrs/wk)
  • 9 credits = 450 hours total (36 hrs/wk)

Most students select the 5-credit option. Some judicial placements require a 20 hrs/wk minimum. The fieldwork begins the first week of classes and students work through the last week of classes. Students may not receive credit for fieldwork occurring before the semester begins.

In addition to the fieldwork, students receive 2 graded credits for a seminar exploring related topics. For specific course information: fieldwork; seminar.

Applying to the Judicial Externship Program

Unlike the other externship programs, acceptance to the Judicial Externship Program is competitive. The fall semester is open only to 3Ls. The spring semester is open to 2Ls (3.4 minimum gpa) and 3Ls (3.3 minimum gpa).


Applications are accepted during the following time periods:

  • Fall '15 participation - Applications are due Friday, March 20

Interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis during the application time frame. We encourage students to submit their applications as soon as they can during the application period.

Because this is a coordinated program, students may not contact judges on their own.

For more information, please contact Adrienne Smith at