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Questions about the individual programs should be addressed to the director of each program. Contact information can be found here. Questions about the application itself should be addressed to

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Program Preference

Please rank your program preferences from the list below. Unless otherwise indicated, all programs are open to 2Ls and 3Ls.

You may rank up to six (6) programs maximum.  The number of programs you rank will not affect your chances of being accepted into your top choice(s). You will be matched with only one program.

Students will be selected by lottery with preference going to 3Ls.

You will receive an email from us during the first week or two of May, letting to know what program you were accepted into. For preliminary counting purposes, we will ask you to accept your spot within the week. If you confirm acceptance, it is okay to drop the program over the summer. For example, if you get on a journal you may decide not to do a clinic your 2L year. We only ask that you let us know as soon as possible once you decide not to do the clinic.


Litigation Clinics

  Civil Litigation Program (Immigrants' Rights Clinic) (Year long clinic)
  Civil Litigation Program (Housing, Employment, Family and Disability Clinic) (Year long clinic)
  Civil Litigation Program (Emploment Rights Clinic) (Fall semester - 3Ls only)
  Civil Litigation Program (Employment Rights) (Spring semester)
 Criminal Clinic
  • Meets Fall '14 & Spring '15 for 2015 graduates
  • Meets Spring '15 & Fall '15 for 2016 graduates

Legislative Clinics

  Africa i-Parliaments Clinic (Spring semester)
 American Legislative Practice - Clinic Option - (Fall semester)
 American Legislative Practice - Clinic Option - (Spring semester)
 American Legislative Practice - Internship Option - (Spring semester)

Externship Programs

  N/A - selection left blank
 Health Law Externship (Spring semester)
 Legal Externship Program (Fall semester)
 Legal Externship Program (Spring semester)
 Government Lawyering Externship (Fall semester)
 Community Courts (Spring Semester)

Please be sure your contact information is correct before submitting this application. Thank you!