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Boards & Intermural Teams

Third-year students who participated in Stone during their second year are eligible for membership on BU Law-sponsored intermural moot court teams. Team members write the brief, practice oral arguments with teammates and faculty and represent BU Law at the respective competitions. Team members on BU Law's official teams (those listed on the application and identified below) also serve as preceptors, scoring participants in the Stone or Albers Competitions.

The Application for the 2015-2016 Teams and Boards will be available here in March 2015 . The Application will be due to no later than noon on Monday, April 13. Late applications will not be accepted!

Info Session: Jen McCloskey will conduct an information session in March 2015, date and location TBA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be eligible for any BU Law-funded Moot Court team (whether those listed on the application or those organized by a student group or individual students) during the 2015-2016 academic year, interested students MUST have competed in the Edward C. Stone Moot Court Competition, or, if a transfer student, its equivalent. Thus, If you are interested in competing on any BU-funded moot court team as a 3L, you must compete in the Stone competition as a 2L. If you are going to be a 2L and wish to compete in an outside competition later in your 2L year, you must do Stone in the fall. This rule does not apply to Jessup; the prerequisites for Jessup are established each year by the instructor teaching the Problem Solving in International Law seminar.


Detailed information about teams and boards

Moot Court Competition News for 2013-2014 Competitions

2014-2015 Moot Court Boards and Teams

Albers Directors

Jackie Rex
Rosa Sierra


Esdaile Directors
J. Corbin Carter
Tom Markey
Sam Maurer

Stone Directors

Juliaana DiGesu
Thomas Foley
Thomas Fryska


Negotiation and Client Counseling Directors
Harrison Kaplan
Emily Kraus
Jaime Margolis
Holly Ovington

National Moot Court
Jordana Goodman
Peter Grupp
Gabriela Morales


National Appellate Advocacy
Abed Bhuyan
Jeffrey Kiok
Monica Narang

Sutherland Cup
Lisa Bothwell
Bryan Noonan
James Puddington

Oxford International IP
Albert Heng
Michael Kaplan

Gibbons Criminal Procedure
Joseph McClellan
Sean Rosenthal

First Amendment
Caleb French
Stephanie Cipolla


Competition Descriptions

The number of teams and the sponsored competitions may vary from year to year, depending on student interest. Recently, BU Law has sent teams to the following competitions. More information about these competitions can be found here: Infomation on Teams and Boards.

National Moot Court Competition (sponsored by the Bar Association of the City of New York). Pre-requisite is participation in Albers. Three team members write a brief in September and October and argue at a regional competition in mid-November. If successful at the regional level, team members will travel to New York City for the finals in the second semester. The case involves issues of federal constitutional or statutory law.

National Appellate Advocacy Competition (sponsored by the American Bar Association). Three team members write a brief in the second semester and argue at a regional competition in late February or early March. If successful, team members will compete in finals held at the site of the American Bar Association convention in April. The case usually involves issues of federal constitutional or statutory law.

Sutherland Cup Moot Court Competition (sponsored by Catholic University, Columbus School of Law). Three team members write a brief in the second semester and argue at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Case involves issues of constitutional law.

John J. Gibbons Criminal Procedure Competition (sponsored by Seton Hall Law School). Two to three team members write a brief in February and March and argue at Seton Hall Law School in Newark, New Jersey, in late March or early April. Case involves issues of criminal procedure.

Oxford IP Competition (sponsored by the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre). Two students brief both sides of a multi-issue problem. The papers are used to determine which teams will be invited to compete. Argue at St. Catherine’s (UK) in mid-March. Case can involve any area of IP, including patent. Course work or employment experience in intellectual property law required.

National First Amendment Law Moot Court Competition (sponsored by the First Amendment Center and Vanderbilt University Law School). Two team members write a brief due February and argue at Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville, Tennessee, in late February or early March. Case involves First Amendment issues relating to either free speech or religion clauses.