Membership Requirements

The Boston University International Law Journal (ILJ) carefully selects approximately twenty-five to thirty students from each second-year class. Members are selected based on their performance in the writing competition and first-year grades. ILJ also considers a student's interest in international law as evidenced by the student's preferential ranking of the journals included with the writing competition. ILJ does not have an automatic grade-on policy, although third-year students may submit notes of the highest quality or participate in the writing competition a second time in an attempt to write on to ILJ.

Once admitted to the staff, in the fall semester of their second year, new staff members must take an approved international law-related elective--if they have not already done so--such as the International Law course taught by Professor Robert D. Sloane, the ILJ faculty advisor. Staff members must also fulfill their source coordination and tech-checking responsibilities on ILJ's articles and notes.

Each ILJ staff member must also author a note of publishable quality in his or her second year. Staff members are strongly encouraged to submit their notes for satisfaction of the law school's certification requirement ("upper-class writing requirement"). ILJ members exercise a great deal of intellectual creativity and freedom in developing their topics. The current growth in international legal activity provides a broad range of potential topics including international trade, human rights, intellectual property, health care, and environmental policy. Alternatively, staff members may write a comparative or foreign law piece on virtually any area of the law.