Submission Instructions


The editors of the American Journal of Law & Medicine (AJLM) encourage the submission of manuscripts on a wide range of medicolegal topics. Acceptable subjects include health law and health policy; legal, ethical, social, and economic aspects of medical practice, education, and research; health-related insurance; and other issues involving the relationship of the life sciences to the social sciences and humanities. AJLM is interdisciplinary. Submissions from specialists in all health care–related disciplines are welcomed. 


AJLM is now a peer-reviewed journal, with leading experts in health law reviewing every manuscript selected for publication. This process will further enhance the quality of the articles in AJLM, while we endeavour to minimize delays in the publication process.


Send all materials, (manuscript, abstract, and curriculum vitae) to the Editor-in-Chief at  You may also send hard copies of materials to the Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Law & Medicine, 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 1672, Boston, Massachusetts, 02215, but you must first send all materials electronically.


Manuscripts must be typed and double-spaced with liberal margins. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to The title of the paper and the author’s name and address should be given only on the covering sheet. Papers should be a minimum of forty pages in length with at least 100 references.


An abstract (of no more than 200 words), succinctly summarizing the content of the manuscript, should accompany the manuscript as a separate document.


Footnotes must be numbered consecutively and double-spaced.  All footnotes should conform to A Uniform System of Citation (18th ed.), which is published and distributed by the Harvard Law Review Association, Gannett House, Cambridge, MA 02138. Nonlawyers unfamiliar with this system should follow the citation form accepted in their discipline. When a paper is accepted, the editors will work by arrangement with the author to convert the footnotes into the proper form.


All illustrations, tables, graphs and charts must be numbered and given suitable legends. Authors must indicate in the manuscript the appropriate positions of such graphics. Authors will be expected to provide either suitable disk graphics files or camera-ready copy. 


On receipt of a manuscript, the editors will send a letter of acknowledgment. Authors will be notified of manuscript decisions within one to three months of receipt, depending on the length of the manuscript. Accepted manuscripts are usually published within three months of acceptance.


Authors will be given one set of proof pages prior to publication. Proof pages will incorporate textual revisions discussed between the editor and the author. Reprint order forms for perfect-bound reprints will accompany the proof pages. All orders must be prepaid.


AJLM retains one copy of all manuscripts submitted for consideration. Copies are not returned unless the author so requests in writing and supplies AJLM with a return self-addressed envelope and adequate postage. 


AJLM is published quarterly: Spring; Summer & Fall; and Winter. It goes to press in April; June; and November, respectively.