Information for BU Law Groups and Organizations

How to Start & Run a Student Organization

All student organizations at Boston University, including law student organizations, must register with the Boston University Student Activities Office (SAO). This involves filing paperwork and having a faculty advisor. You also must attend a new group meeting organized by SAO. Check SAO's registration and group meeting schedules in the beginning of a semester. For a group to be registered, they must have at least five members, a president and a treasurer. The treasurer and one other officer must attend a programming orientation given by SAO at the Law School at the start of the fall semester. Only registered groups can request funding for their programs from the Law Student Government Association.

If you are interested in forming a new student organization, please contact SAO or speak to Dean Marx's Office, 4th floor, Law Tower.

SAO Contact Info
1 University Road
Phone: 617-353-3635
Fax: 617-353-5257

Existing groups must re-register with SAO every year.