Managing Your Finances

Dealing with your financial life can seem overwhelming at times - even if you're not borrowing student loans. While we can't change tuition or the cost of living, there is some basic information that we offer to assist in managing your finances.

Hopefully, some of the information in this section will reduce some of the stresses that result from common frustrations and problems, or spark an idea to help keep on top of your finances.

A good portion of the stress that people feel about money (apart from not having enough) is the feeling of not knowing how to manage your money or not knowing where the money is going.

Budgeting 101

If you're not using a budget to help monitor your spending, you could be establishing some dangerous financial habits without realizing it. Budgeting does not need to be hard or scary - this section containes advice you can use to help you keep your spending on track.

Credit Information

By now, most students who have borrowed student loans understand the importance of good credit history. Most people understand that their credit can affect their ability to rent an apartment, buy a car or a house, and - in some cases even get a job. What many people fail to do is monitor their credit history on a regular basis. Fortunately, It just takes a little planning and is not difficult to do.

At a time when identity theft is growing at alarming rates, annually checking your credit is no longer an optional exercise.

Adjusting the Student Budget

The student budget provides an allowance for living expenses that should help the majority of student pays their basic costs. We do understand that this will not apply to every student, so there are certain types of expenses that may be adjusted.

Smart Money 101

Additional information may be found on Smart Money 101, a BU Financial Assistance initiative established to provide the Boston University community with online tools, information and other resources to promote effective money management. Note: Some information may be specific to undergraduate students.


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