Key Contacts

Career Counseling

The CDO staff is available for career counseling appointments with students throughout the summer and academic year. All of our career counselors are lawyers whose experiences cover a wide range of practice areas in the private and public sectors. Career counseling focuses on any topic you wish, whether you would like to discuss your job search for a private firm, public interest, government, corporate position or alternative career opportunities. We recognize that each student is unique in his or her interests and that there are many paths to a successful legal career.

The CDO also hosts J.D. as well as Peer Advisers. J.D. Advisers are experienced attorneys available to counsel students in myriad subject matters. Our 3L Peer Advisers can provide you with valuable advice and practical tips from a student's perspective.

To learn more about our staff and peer advisers, please visit our Meet the Staff page.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot accommodate same-day requests for appointments and all regular counseling appointments are 30 minutes long. We encourage you to schedule an appointment online with one of our career counselors, or please call 617-353-3141.