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Our Mission: The Student Affairs Office wants to ensure that our students succeed by offering workshops throughout the year that address common issues of law school life. No matter what your grades are or how well you feel you're doing in school, there's something for every student in this program. These workshops are about the tangible changes you can make outside the classroom to improve your class work, study habits and overall well-being during the stressful years of law school.

These workshops have been designed and created specifically for the students of BU Law by Brenda Hernandez and Jill Collins. Brenda and Jill have gone through the rigors of law school and have used these experiences plus their expertise in student affairs to make this program as useful and practical as possible for first-year students. If you're interested in learning more about the program, check out our signature programs! Also, see the useful links below.

Signature Programs

Classroom Preparation and Time Management. A discussion with Brenda Hernandez and Jill Collins, both of Student Affairs, and Jen Taylor McCloskey of the Writing Program, on how to make the most of your time and preparation for class. This presentation is done during Orientation.

Student-Led Panel on Outlining and Exam Preparation. Two panels of students presented on how they use (or don't use) outlining to study for exams.

Exam Preparation. A presentation by Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Gerry Muir on how to prepare for exams and what to expect.

New Outlook After First Semester Grades. A panel offering different perspectives and ideas for how to form a new outlook for second semester after a difficult (or successful!) first semester. Enjoy this video full of advice from your professors!

Upper Level Course Information Panel. This event, co-sponsored by the Student Advisors, featured a panel of upper level students who discussed some of the common upper level courses 1Ls might consider for 2L year and beyond. The courses discussed include: Administrative Law, Corporations, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Federal Taxation, and Wills, Trusts & Estates.

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Basic Study Habits for Success

New outlook after1st semester grades

Note: the Upper Level Course Information Panel was audio recorded and is available in Law Audio/Visual Services, on the 5th Floor.


Class Preparation Tips

Outlining Tips and Examples



Beginning to study for law school exams can be stressful. These exams differ from any other exams you have taken before because of the question format; the analysis used to construct your answer; and the written presentation of the answer. Below are a list of resources that can help you prepare for law school exams. This preparation can help propel you to successful exam taking results.

Exam-Taking Guide
Professor Robert Volk, Boston University School of Law

CALI Lesson - Writing Better Law School Exams: The Importance of Structure
You need to register for CALI lessons. An authorization code from BU Law is needed. Either stop by and ask a reference librarian in the Pappas Law Library during reference hours or request the library to email the code to your BU email address.

Exam Taking Tips

BU LAW - past exams and course evaluations

The Samuel M. Fineman and Pappas Law Libraries also have online exam resources.




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