Academic Information


WebReg Instructions

During the Pre-Registration period, when you open the Student Link page, "Registration" will be an option. Also, you can click on "Academics" and find the Registration option among other student services. Note: Exam Schedule,GPA Summary, External Credits and Test Scores and Transcipt Preview are NOT options for Law Students.

  • Click on "Registration"
  • You will be asked for your BU Login Name and password.
  • Your current schedule will appear.
  • Scroll down and click on "Reg Options" which will appear under "Fall 2015 - No Reg activity".
  • You will have a few options to choose from, including "Pre-Reg Worksheet, "Register for Class" and "Drop Class".
  • Click on "Pre-Reg Worksheet." You will be able to add classes to both your Fall and Spring Worksheets - both worksheets appear under the "Fall 2015" option. Do not confuse "Plan" with the Pre-Reg Worksheet.
  • When you click on a semester to add classes, you will be brought to a search page. You can search by school (and receive a complete listing of what is offered for the Law school) or by course # (if you know the specific class you want).
  • Once you choose a class, you will be brought to the Pre-Reg Worksheet. Here you can continue to add courses and/or update the preference number for each course. (Click the arrow next to class to change preferred class sequence for the lottery. )