Academic Information


Degree Requirements

Completion of the following basic Juris Doctor degree requirements are mandatory for graduation. Note: Students should consult the Academic Regulations for a complete description of all the degree requirements, which are summarized below.

  • Complete and achieve a passing grade in all first-year courses and satisfactorily complete both the First Year Writing Seminar and First Year Moot Court Program.
  • Elect and complete at least 54 semester credits in the last two years, with a minimum of 26 credits in any one year and a minimum of 12 credits in any one semester. Eighty-four (84) passing credits are required for graduation.
  • Satisfy the professional responsibility requirement in the second or third year.
  • Satisfy the professional skills requirement in the second or third year.
  • Satisfactorily complete the Upper-Class Writing Requirement in the second or third year.

Graduation Application

File the graduation application at least four months prior to your date of graduation. The application is available online or in the Registrar's Office on the 4th Floor of the Law Tower.

Commencement 2014

Commencement activities will be held the weekend of May 16-18, 2014. More information regarding graduation and Commencement activities will be distributed to third-year students in early March.