Academic Information


Non-Law Classes

Please remember that if you are planning on taking a course at another school in the University that the class must be a graduate level course (level 500 or greater) to receive law credit. Students who are interested in taking a course at the 500 level (500-599) must also provide the Registrar with documentation from the professor that they will be held to a graduate standard of work. All students who register for a graduate level course must add the course to their law schedule at the Law Registrar's Office during the add/drop period if they wish to receive law credit. All students are reminded that you are responsible for any additional tuition charges should you exceed 18 credits in a semester.

** Students should keep in mind that, under ABA rules, the Law School can grant credit only for the number of contact hours per week provided by the course in question, regardless of how much credit the other school may grant for the course. For example, if the course meets for two hours per week, the School of Law will grant it only two credit hours, even if the other school grants the course three or more credits. (Fifty minutes is considered one contact hour.) **

Dual degree students should check for special policies to accommodate their programs. Dual degree students are reminded that they must add non-law courses to their LAW schedule during the add/drop period in order to receive LAW credit.

Registration Information

Questrom School of Business

The Graduate School of Management is now the Questrom School of Business. Students who would like to enroll in management courses should go to the Graduate Programs Office at the Questrom School of Business, 595 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 104. The Spring 2016 schedule is available on the Student Link. QST course descriptions are also available on the website. Non-degree candidates may register two weeks before the start of classes. For more information on business and management courses you may call (617) 353-2673.

School of Public Health

To enroll in SPH courses students may file an SPH registration form in the Law Registrar's Office or stop by the SPH Registrar's Office at 715 Albany Street, Talbot Building, Room 210. Copies of the Spring 2016 SPH schedule will be available on the SPH website. For more information on SPH courses you may call (617) 638-4640.

Physical Education

Students who would like to take PE courses can register at the University Registrar's Office, 881 Commonwealth Avenue, second floor. You may not take a physical education course for LAW credit. Copies of the Spring 2016 PDP schedule are available through the Student Link. Information is also available on the University's website.

College of Communication

To enroll in communications courses students should go to the appropriate department at the College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Avenue (e.g., see the Mass Communication department for courses in Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations.) Copies of the Spring 2016 COM schedule are available solely via the Student Link. Course descriptions are available on the University website. For more information you may also call (617) 353-3450.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Students who would like to register for graduate-level CAS or GRS courses may pick up a registration form at the Law Registrar's Office. Click here for a listing of all CAS/GRS courses that welcome law students. (Note that not all courses are eligible for law credit.) For additional course information students should go to 705 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 112 or visit the University website. Schedule information is available via the Student Link. Students who would like to register for Preservation Studies, International Relations, or Philosophy courses must obtain signed approval from the appropriate department and may submit the signed registration form to the Law Registrar's Office.