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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I satisfy the Upperclass Writing Requirement? When should I do that?

See the upperclass orientation materials for a description of ways to satisfy the Upperclass Writing Requirement.

Students may satisfy that requirement any time after first year. However, you may not want to tackle that requirement during first semester of second year or second semester of third year. In the first semester of second year, students often are very busy with the job search, and they also may have journal or moot court responsibilities. Also, it can be risky to wait until second semester of third year since, if you run into problems, you may not have time to remedy them before graduation.

All students must complete the Intention to Complete Upperclass Writing Requirement form, which may need to be signed by the faculty supervisor and must be returned to our Registrar's Office.

Note: This must be filed no later than the end of the add/drop period of first semester of your third year, even if you do not intend to satisfy the requirement until your final semester!

Note that you may NOT graduate if you have not completed the Writing Requirement!

How do I obtain approval to work with an adjunct faculty member?

Students who wish to complete the writing requirement under the supervision of an adjunct faculty member must obtain the advanced approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Students must file a 1-2 page prospectus outlining the subject matter of the paper, the question that the paper will try to answer and the plan of research to the adjunct professor. If the proposal meets the adjunct's approval, they will forward it to the Associate Dean with their endorsement.