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Specialized Tutorial Courses

The tutorials are designed to give the student an intensive writing experience with one of our distinguished faculty member's expertise. Students may register for up to three credits of tutorials. However, no student may apply toward the JD degreee more than three credits in total for tutorials and supervised research and writing (Independent Study). Students may apply for as many tutorial offerings as they wish. Of those who apply, one or two students will be selected for each tutorial offering. The tutorial offerings will involve several meetings between the student and the professor and the preparation of a research paper under the direction of the professor. This paper may be used to satisfy the Upper-class Writing Requirement.

If you are interested in applying for any of the following tutorials, please e-mail the Registrar's Office with the name of the tutorial, your name, class year, and e-mail address. We will contact you later in the summer regarding the status of your tutorial selection.


Mr. Bessen
Empirical Research on Patents

In this tutorial we study empirical research techniques and participate in ongoing research on patents, including possibly, the patent litigation, litigation costs and the economic value of patents. Familiarity with statistics or econometrics is recommended.