Academic Information


State Bar Requirements and Deadlines

Grading Requirements

Bar admission requirements of some states require that all courses taken, except courses designed as lawyers' skills training, e.g. Moot Court, certain seminars, or clinical programs, shall be evaluated on "authentic" final written examinations. In those regular courses in which an instructor requires a paper or offers an option between writing a paper or taking an examination, it is the responsibility of each student to determine whether the election of the course or of a paper option will present any problems with respect to bar admission in any jurisdiction in which they attend to or may seek to practice. Some states also place limits on the number of credit hours that can be earned for clinical programs. For example, the New York rules state that no more than 20 credits of the total semester hours (84 credits) may be comprised of a clinical program.

Note: School of Law courses which require a paper rather than a final written examination indicate that fact in the course descriptions located on the Course and Seminar Descriptions page.

Bar Examination Certifications

As part of the bar application process, you will undoubtedly have forms that need to be completed by the School, such as certification of attendance, certificate of graduation and character and fitness forms. You may send or bring them directly to the Registrar’s Office. Our office will complete and, in most cases, mail them directly to the board of bar examiners for you. A Notary Public is available in the Registrar’s Office to assist you with your documents that require notarization.