Course or Seminar

Each year the Course Selection Materials include specified courses or seminars that allow a certain number of students to write papers in satisfaction of the Upper-class Writing Requirement. Keep in mind that some courses and seminars allow only a limited number of students to satisfy the requirement through that course or seminar. Students may fulfill the writing requirement with a paper at least 7500 words in length, not counting footnotes, written in conjunction with an upperclass law school course or seminar, or with a combination of shorter papers written in conjunction with an upperclass law school course or seminar that in the aggregate satifies the length requirement of 7500 words, not counting footnotes. Interested students must be sure to discuss the option with the professor as early as possible during the add/drop period. All students are required to obtain advance written approval from the instructor by the end of the add/drop period. Students working with part-time adjunct faculty must file a 1-2 page prospectus outlining the subject matter of the paper, the question that the paper will try to answer and the plan of research to the adjunct professor. If the proposal meets the adjunct's approval, they will forward it to the Associate Dean with their endorsement.