Option to Satisfy the Upper-Class Writing Requirement with a Supervised Research and Writing Project (Independent Study)

Students may satisfy the Upper-class Writing Requirement with a faculty-supervised Independent Study project (credit or non-credit). To do so, students must complete an additional form called the Intent to Complete the Upper-class Writing Requirement and submit it to the Registrar's Office. The paper version of the form has two parts depending on whether you have an advisor or do not have an advisor and would like to have one assigned. You may print the form from the web or request an advisor online. The Upper-class Writing Requirement Form is in addition to the Supervised Research & Writing Form that is required to complete an Independent Study project.

Note: All supervised Research and Writing Projects as described must be completed by the deadlines as provided under the rules for seminar papers. Exceptions to this requirement for illness or other compelling reasons must be obtained from the Academic Standards Committee pursuant to the same requirements of the Academic Regulations that apply to absences from regularly scheduled examinations.

Third-year students registered for a Supervised Research and Writing Project and Upper-class Writing requirements must be fulfilled by a date which allows the supervising faculty member sufficient time to make a final evaluation of student papers to the deadline prior to the deadline for certifying students for graduation.