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Spring 2014

LAWJD803 (A1) Bankruptcy & Creditors's Rights (W. Miller)

LAWJD788 (A1)

Contract Drafting (Angelone)

LAWJD788 (B1)

Contract Drafting (Cohan)

LAWJD788 (C1)

Contract Drafting (Moynihan)

LAWJD778 (D1) Contract Drafting (Winneg)

LAWJD985 (A1)

Corporate Finance (Wilson)

LAWJD747 (A1) Discovery: Theory & Practice (Donweber)

LAWJD958 (A1)

Effective & Ethical Depositions (S) Browne

LAWJD958 (B1)

Effective & Ethical Depositions (S) Browne

LAWJD905 (B1)

Entertainment Law (S) Neeff

LAWJD782 (A1) Foucault & the Law (S) Baxter

LAWJD998 (A1)

Health Care Transactions (S) Heidt/Roble

LAWJD950 (A1)

Homicide Investigations & Trials (S) Meier

LAWJD791 (A1)

Intellectual Property & the Internet (S) Dogan

LAWJD776 (A1) Intellectual Property Workshop (S) Gordon
LAWJD842 (A1) International Business Transactions (Teitz)
LAWJD936 (A1) International Development & Project Finance (S) Greiman
LAWJD953 (A1) International Intellectual Property (S) Piffat
LAWJD858 (A1) International Trade Regulation (S) Caruso
LAWJD940 (A1) Law & Economics Workshop (S) Zeiler
LAWJD972 (A1) Lawyering in the 21st Century (S) Moore

LAWJD826 (A1)

Mediation: Theory & Practice (S) Roth

LAWJD988 (B1) Mergers & Acquisitions (Goodman)

LAWJD919 (A1)

Negotiated Mergers & Acquisitions (S) LaCascia/Taylor

LAWJD921 (A1)

Negotiation (Bamford)

LAWJD713 (A1)

Persuasive Writing (S) McCloskey

LAWJD822 (A1) Privacy (S) Mortensen

LAWJD931 (A1)

Private Equity & Venture Capital (S) Kendall/White

LAWJD827 (A1) Restorative Justice (S) Porter
LAWJD883 (A1) Securities Regulation (Krebs)

LAWJD928 (A1)

Shareholder Activism (S) Webber

LAWJD793 (A1) Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants (Beck)

LAWJD773 (A1)

Transaction Simulation 2: Private Co. (Coit)

LAWJD894 (A2)

Trial Advocacy (Saylor)

LAWJD894 (S2) Trial Advocacy (Sorokin)

LAWJD854 (A1)

White Collar Crime (Cohen, J.)

LAWJD837 (A1) Wrongful Convictions (S) Schneider



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