Wireless Network

Boston University has a pervasive wireless network based on industry standard security and authentication methods. The BU Law School has Wireless access available for all Faculty, Staff and Students who have current BU Accounts.

Guests to BU can contact the Law School Service Desk in the Redstone Building, Room 526 to get a guest wireless account for up to 1 week.

Wireless Coverage

Boston University's wireless network name is BU (802.1x), there are 3 other wireless networks that are broadcast on campus but those are for special purposes and should not be used unless you are directed to use them.

Before you can connect, make sure that your computer or mobile device supports the 802.1x and WPA or WPA2 (recommended) protocols required to use the BU (802.1x) SSID. You also need an account with authorization to use the network as determined at the Account & Access page.

Connecting to the Wireless Network  

For further information on connecting to the BU Wireless network please see the BU Techweb page listed here: http://www.bu.edu/tech/accounts/wireless/8021x/


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