Key Distribution


Faculty/Staff keys are ordered and distributed upon request through the Faculty Services Manager. Keys must be returned to the Faculty Services Manager at the end of an employee’s term with the School of Law.

Student Organizations

By the second week in September each registered BU Law student organization president must submit a list of officers who need a key to the registered organization’s office for the academic year. Key lists should be sent to the Fiscal Operations Administrator (FOA), Office of the Dean. The list should include the organization name, office room number and key core number (which is engraved on the lock); each officer's first and last name, and position within the organization.

Eligible member must pick up their own key. Keys are given to eligible individuals only after they complete and sign a Key Sign-Out Form. Keys are distributed in the Atrium during designated times.

General members should coordinate with an officer of their organization for access to office space. We suggest that officers hold office hours at designated times throughout the week so members have regular access. Note that Buildings and Grounds staff are not authorized to open locked offices on the weekends.

All keys MUST be returned to the Dean’s Office at the end of the academic year.

Students who do not return their keys may be fined. 3Ls will be permitted to keep their keys until they have completed the Bar exam. 1L and 2L officers who need access to their organizations office throughout the summer need to make arrangements directly with the FOA to retain their keys.