Floor Plan - Fourth Floor

There are eight classrooms located on this floor. Several of the classrooms are equipped with tables that may be easily moved to support different classroom objectives, like small group and team work. Note, however, that the classrooms with flexible furniture (indicated with a plus sign) do not have power connections in the tables.

Group Study Rooms (411, 421)
These group study rooms will be maintained by the Registrar’s office for 2014-2015 and may be reserved through a similar process as library group study rooms.

You’ll find more lockers on this floor, along with full-length mirrors in the locker room next to room 410!

Across from the elevators, there is a staircase leading to the fifth floor. This gives you quick access to the administrative departments on the fifth floor.

You will find both men’s and women’s restrooms on each floor, with the exception of the third floor. Please note that, consistent with BU’s policy of non-discrimination, we welcome everyone to use the restroom of their choice.

Looking ahead: When the tower reopens, we will have restrooms on the third floor (in the footprint of the tower), as well as several single-user restrooms throughout the tower.