Public Interest Project

The Public Interest Project (PIP) is a 100 percent student-run organization formed in 1984. Through various events, PIP raises money to fund summer grants for first- and second-year law students who work in otherwise unpaid public interest summer internships.

Accepted PIP applicants please see below for important dates, payroll instructions, necessary documents, and contact information. If you are an international student who does not have a social security number, please proceed to the employment documents page. All international students must obtain a social security number before they can be hired.

Contact Information

Kealin McCormick
Payroll Administrator
Boston University School of Law
765 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 1102M
Boston, MA 02215

E-mail is preferable to phone calls. All questions should be directed to

Instructions for Public Interest Project Recipients

Mandatory Preliminary Paperwork:

If you have never worked for BU the following forms must be completed before you can begin working:

  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
    • For the I-9 form, all employees must provide the payroll office with proper identification. All identification must be unexpired and original. The following are examples of acceptable documents: US Passport OR photo ID and social security card OR photo ID and birth certificate. For more examples of proper employment identification, please refer to page 9 of the I-9 form.
  • W-4 Form
  • M-4 Form
  • Participant Data Sheet

If you have worked for BU previously you only need to complete the Participant Data Sheet.

International students should complete their I-9 through ISSO. Instructions for that process can be found here. The W-4, M-4, and Participant Data Sheet should be completed and returned to the Law School Payroll office.

Direct Deposit: You can sign up for direct deposit through the StudentLink (instructions).

STEP Procedures: Hours must be submitted via the Student Time Entry Process (STEP) by midnight every Thursday.  Please forecast your hours for Friday and the weekend, if necessary.  Please note that you will be paid for hours entered the following Friday. 

40-Hour Rule: The payroll office pays each grant recipient hourly, up to 40 hours per week. The budget does not allow for overtime or any extra hours worked. Therefore, each week, the hours that you enter via the Student Time Entry Process (STEP) must not exceed 40 hours, under any circumstances.

400-Hour Rule: If at the end of the 10-week assignment, the grant recipient has not worked up to the maximum 400 paid hours (maximum:  $4000 gross total), the grant recipient may work into the 11th week up to those maximums. Under no circumstances should your total hours paid exceed 400 hours for the summer.

Time Off / Holidays: Grant recipients do not receive holiday or vacation pay. If the grant recipient works on a holiday, the time entry should be filled out normally, and payment will be for the time worked.  A grant recipient may take unpaid days off from work, with the employer's approval.

Completion of PIP: Once you have completed 400 hours through PIP, please stop working. If you finish your job before you have completed 400 hours please notify the Law School Payroll office at so that they may terminate you from the system.


Should you have any payroll questions that are not addressed on our list of Frequently Asked Questions, please contact the Law School Payroll office at Any other questions should be directed to the Public Interest Project at