As a BU Law student, you will have access to a wide array of services that are specifically tailored to LLM students, including advising appointments, career guides, information and networking sessions, and job postings. While we take pride in offering each LLM student career advice tailored to his or her background, and offering equal access to professional development resources, providing services to all LLM students is one of our top priorities. Below, please find a comprehensive list of the resources and services available to LLM students at BU Law.

Advising Appointments

These one-on-one meetings are designed to offer students detailed guidance on any topic you wish—from job search strategies and professional etiquette to self-marketing campaigns. These meetings allow the LLM Professional Development staff to get to know you, and help you identify the unique skills you should highlight in order to move forward in your legal career. Appointments are typically 45 minutes, and are available throughout the academic year and summer. Appointments are easy to make, and since you can make one on-line, you can make an appointment from anywhere.

Alumni Network Access

Our LLM students have access to BU Law’s broad network of accomplished alumni, working in the US and abroad. Students engage with and augment their list of contacts by joining BU Law alumni social media groups and the law school’s searchable alumni database, available through the app, “Evertrue.” Current students and graduates may download Evertrue from Google Play or from the Apple App Store. Through these resources, students can build their professional network, starting with the LLM program and extending throughout their legal careers.

US Bar Exam Advising

Many foreign LLM students enroll in BU Law’s programs in order to meet the qualifications needed to sit for the New York Bar Exam, the Massachusetts Bar Exam, or the bar exam of another US state. At BU Law, the Professional Development staff is available to advise you on the bar exam eligibility process and the staff of each LLM program remains up-to-date on the academic requirements that foreign students must meet in order to sit for a bar exam, which are constantly in flux. Upon your admission to BU Law, you will receive an email from us with the guidelines you must follow in order to sit for each bar exam. The Bar Exam Information section of our LLM Student Resources website also provides comprehensive guidelines. We are available to meet with you throughout the academic year to answer your bar-related questions.

Professional Development Job Update Emails

The LLM Professional Development Office regularly sends emails announcing career-related events on- and off-campus, as well as information about relevant job postings and networking events. If you are ever curious about an event that you do not see advertised by the professional development office, we are always here to give our advice.

Cover Letter and Resume Review Critiques

In addition to providing detailed handbooks on cover letter and resume drafting, the LLM Professional Development staff is always available to review these documents, via in-person appointments or email correspondence, prior to submission. Whether you are a domestic or foreign-trained student, you will receive a cover letter and resume drafting handbook immediately upon your arrival at BU Law.

Professional Development Guides

The LLM Professional Development Office is constantly developing printed and bound guides, with details on the information most frequently requested by students. Recently developed resources include:

  • Resume Handbook for International LLM Students
  • Cover Letter Handbook for International LLM Students
  • Resume Handbook for Domestic LLM Students
  • Cover Letter Handbook for Domestic LLM Students
  • Interview Skills Handbook
  • Networking and Informational Interviews Guide
  • Writing Sample and References Handbook
  • New York Bar Exam Memo
  • MA Bar Exam Memo
  • Patent Bar Memo

Mock Interviews

If you feel that your interviewing skills need sharpening, you will be able to schedule a mock interview with the LLM Professional Development Office. Mock interviews are typically 45 minutes in length, and include an interview session and feedback. Special mock interview workshops are scheduled prior to the recruiting events in which BU Law participates.

Pro Bono Program

LLM students are encouraged to participate in the law school’s robust, voluntary Pro Bono Program. Through this Program, JD and LLM students dedicate their skills to providing meaningful law-related services to persons of limited means or to organizations that serve underrepresented groups and/or social issues. LLM students who have engaged in pro bono work during their time at BU Law have the opportunity to hone their legal skills in a practical setting as well as network with US lawyers. A pro bono project is also a great opportunity for foreign-trained lawyers to, in some cases, gain valuable work experience in the United States.

Professional Development Events and Workshops

During the law school’s orientation in August, we will provide you with an overview of the career programs planned for the year, which will include resume, cover letter and interview workshops, and targeted career panels and networking events with BU Law alumni and other legal practitioners. You will also be invited to off-campus networking events at local bar associations, law firms, and courthouses.

BU Law Job Postings

You will also have access to BU Law’s proprietary online job postings database, Symplicity, starting in the fall. Through this password-protected website, LLM students can apply for on-campus interview opportunities and receive job postings from law firms, NGO’s, banks, and more!