The five buildings designed by Josep Lluis Sert include the Central Boiler Plant, Law Tower, Pappas Law Library, Mugar Library, and the George Sherman Student Union and "Link"-- a one-story interior connector between the Mugar Library and the GSU-- all built in the early 1960s.

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Law Tower Renovation

The 18-story Law Tower will undergo a complete renovation. The proposed design will faithfully rehabilitate most of Sert's original tower while taking deliberate measures within the original architect's design vocabulary to make the existing buildings more acceptable to the 21st century needs of its inhabitants. All windows will be replaced with thermally insulated units reflecting the pattern and profile of the original building. The exterior concrete panels that define the building's architectural aesthetic will be totally refurbished. The tower will be revamped with new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, larger bathrooms, and modern facilities to house the school's administrative departments, faculty offices, moot courtrooms and writing programs.

The spalled cast-in-place concrete of the existing building will be repaired where needed, and care will be taken to match existing color and texture as much as possible. Precast fins and other precast elements on the exterior will be repaired or replaced as necessary. All exterior concrete will be cleaned. Some of the full-story precast panels will be replaced with glass in a manner consistent with the original compositional intent of the building façade.