Photo Updates

July 2015

Beginning July 10, faculty and staff began a multi-phase move into their permanent spaces in the newly renovated law tower. While the Redstone Building houses the majority of the classrooms and student spaces, the tower will be home to the School's faculty, administrative offices, student journals, (most) moot courtrooms, and clinical programming.

The concrete panels on the exterior façade of the tower have been completely refurbished. All windows have been replaced with thermally insulated units that maintain the aesthetic of the original building. New mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, larger bathrooms, and updated A/V technology have been installed. And the exterior concrete has been cleaned—it looks and feels like a totally new building!

boston university law tower
Fun fact: the sign from the original Law campus on Ashburton Place has been installed against the eastern façade of the tower. bu law original sign
The third floor of both the Redstone Building and tower will be internal to the Pappas and Fineman Law Libraries. In addition to all-new training rooms, stacks, and reference and reading rooms, more student lockers and group study spaces will be scattered throughout this floor for student convenience. lockers

Each floor of the tower now has all new male and female bathrooms. Gender-inclusive restrooms are located on the first, fourth, fifth, and thirteenth floors.

Shower/lockeroom facilities for students and faculty/staff, accessible by ID-card swipe, are also available.

gender-inclusive restroom sign

The fourth floor houses a spacious suite for the BU Law student organizations. Meeting rooms, a kitchenette, storage areas, and lockers offer much-needed space for these groups.

Across the hall are brand-new offices for the Journal of Science & Technology, the International Law Journal, and the Public Interest Law Journal. There are also more group study rooms on this floor.

student orgs suite
The largest classroom in the tower (about 90 seats) is on the sixth floor, seen to the right. The highest classroom in the law complex is on the seventh floor, with most being on the fourth floor or below, making all class spaces easily accessible by stairs. bu law classroom
Practice courtrooms can be found on the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors of the tower—including this large, renovated moot trial court on the sixth floor. There are also appellate-style moot courtrooms and jury and judges' rooms. practice trial court
A suite of interview rooms on the eighth floor is designed for on-campus recruiting programs run by the Career Development & Public Service Office. Several of the rooms boast the highest standard of distance interview technology, meaning students can interface with employers (e.g., some government organizations) requiring certain security measures when conducting distance interviews. career development office suite
The thirteenth floor is all about BU Law's clinical programs. In addition to clinical faculty offices, students will have access to collaborative work spaces, client interview rooms, and a conference room set up like a deposition space, complete with video technology. bu law deposition room
A spectacular lounge on the fifteenth floor is befitting of BU Law's top-notch faculty. Most faculty offices will be located in the tower between floors twelve and sixteen. bu law faculty lounge
The views from the renovated tower have to be some of the best in Boston. view from bu law tower



June 2015

BU Law received the Certificate of Occupancy for the law tower from the City of Boston during the last week in June 2015. Dean O'Rourke had the distinct honor of breaking down a temporary wall on the 5th floor that separated the completed Redstone Building from the law tower as it was renovated during the 2014-2015 school year. dean o'rourke with sledgehammer
Watch the video of the dean's sledgehammer skills on our Instagram page! dean o'rourke with sledgehammer
Dean O'Rourke and Mark Therrien of Skanska USA inspect her work. dean o'rourke mark therrien inspect hole
The connecting of the Redstone Building and law tower will continue in the coming weeks. Faculty and staff have begun moving into their new spaces, as classrooms and administrative departments are being furnished. The completed law complex is on schedule to welcome the Class of 2018 for Orientation in late August! hole in wall



December 2014

The team at Bruner/Cott is making excellent progress on the renovation of the law tower. Do you recognize the mezzanine, pictured here?

Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower mezzanine

The new 4th floor windows are going in. Starting from the top floor down, the team replaced all windows with thermally insulated units reflecting the pattern and profile of the original building.

Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower 4th floor

Here are the beginnings of the 6th floor moot court, which will have a great view!

Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower renovation 6th floor moot court

Here is the view from the 7th floor looking down onto the 6th floor moot court. That is, of course, the BU Boat House across the river.


Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower renovation 7th floor

This 7th floor space will eventually be a classroom.


Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower renovation 7th floor

Here's a peek at the 8th floor—the views will rival the Redstone Building.


Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower renovation 8th floor

Check out the north elevator shaft on the 13th floor. New, faster elevators are being installed in the tower, though nearly all student spaces are walkable by stairs.


Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower renovation 13th floor elevator

Most of the space on the highest floors, such as the 14th floor seen here, will be faculty offices. After all, the top law faculty in the country deserves some of the best views in the country.


Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower renovation 14th floor

Here is the view from the 17th floor. All renovations are on time and expected to be completed by Fall 2015.


Photo by Richard Mandelkorn, provided by Bruner/Cott

bu law tower renovation 17th floor



July 2014

A worker engraves the name of the Sumner M. Redstone Building.
The building name is engraved at the entrance to the law school


June 2014

A view of the Redstone Building
A large classroom on the first floor
Second floor dining area and lounge
Student lockers on the fourth floor lockers


March 2014

A 115-seat classroom on the second floor of the Redstone Building
large classroom
A view of the exterior of the glass-enclosed Winter Garden and main entrance to the Redstone Building
winter garden exterior
A view of the Redstone Building from the George Sherman Student Union
GSU view


December 2013

A massive emergency generator is hauled to the BU Law campus by a semi-trailer for installation in the Sumner M. Redstone Building
The emergency generator is hoisted by a crane from the semi-trailer up onto the Redstone Building.
Skansksa employees guide the emergency generator from the crane onto the floor of the Redstone Building.
The emergency generator is installed.


October 2013

Dean O'Rourke speaks to a packed tent of alumni and friends to celebrate the new Sumner M. Redstone Building. Redstone Celebration
Representatives from Bruner/Cott show alumni the Sumner M. Redstone building model. Redstone Building Model
Representatives from Bruner/Cott give a hard hat tour of the building in progress to alumni. Redstone Celebration
A sneak preview of the facade mockup of the new Redstone building. Representatives from Bruner/Cott give a hard hat tour to alumni.


September 2013

The winter garden will be a glass-enclosed atrium that will serve as the heart and social hub of the new Redstone Building. The main entrance to the law school will face the School of Theology, bringing visitors into the winter garden.

winter garden

A view from the second floor facing into a 60-person classroom.

View of the Charles River from the second floor of the Redstone Building. view

Third floor of the Redstone Building.

2nd floor


August 2013

Members of the BU Law Building Planning Committee (Dean O'Rourke pictured below), as well as the Skanska and Bruner/Cott teams, sign the ceremonial beam in a traditional "Topping Off" ceremony on August 12. Watch it being hoisted into position here. signing beam
The signed beam, bearing the American flag, is hoisted into place at the top of the Redstone Building. bu law topping off ceremony
Afterwards, everyone gathered for a celebratory lunch in the future site of the Wintergarden, which will serve as the new entrance to the law school. lunch
Ring Lounge has become part of the construction zone, and a new space on the 17th floor is being renovated before students return to serve as a study lounge. ring lounge
A view from the ground floor of the Redstone Building site. bu law tower


July 2013

In just six months, construction of the Redstone Building has progressed rapidly. Top photo from January, bottom photo from July bu law construction


June 2013

In a combined effort with Mass Wildlife, BU and Skanska, this young red-tailed hawk (who is too young to fly) and his mother were rescued and relocated from the tower. The noise, dust and proximity to humans posed a risk to the well-being of these protected birds. The entire nest was relocated to the roof of the nearby Arts & Sciences building, where the birds are happily exploring their new home. Photo and caption courtesy of Skanska USA - New England. red tailed hawk
Powerwashing of the tower's façade has begun! Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid Alissa Leonard captured the team at work outside of her office window on Wednesday, June 18. washing windows
The team has commenced placing the structural steel work for the Redstone Building. steel redstone building construction
Making progress! The third floor, which will house the extension of the Pappas Law Library, is in place. redstone building construction



May 2013

Dean O'Rourke and Mike Cullagh of Skanska tour the construction site of the future Sumner M. Redstone Building maureen o'rourke mike cullagh
With Commencement around the corner and students away for the summer, the most intense phase of construction has begun. construction
Scaffolding is being installed on the north and west sides of the law tower. bu law tower scaffolding
The steel will soon start going up to form the frame of the Redstone Building. bu law building construction


February 2013

Students, faculty and staff gathered in Barristers Hall to toast the main phase of the Restone Building's construction. redstone building bu law
Attendees were able to mingle and check out the building model, as well as several architect renderings of the new facility. bu law redstone building model
Representatives from Skanska, Compass Project Management, Bruner/Cott and BU were on hand to answer questions about how construction and Law Tower renovation will impact the BU Law community over the next year and a half. bu law construction reception


January 2013

During Intersession, work began with equipment mobilization to the site, followed by installation of pressure-injected footings and foundation work. bu law construction
Other site prep included installation of directional signage and temporary access ramps. bu law construction
To enable this foundation work, the outdoor stairs nearest to the law school (on Marsh Chapel’s west side) have been closed. Pedestrian access to Commonwealth Avenue are available via stairs and a ramp on the chapel’s east side. bu law construction
Foundation work will continue through the spring. bu law construction


November 2012

Removal of the archival research entrance to Mugar Library is complete. bu law construction
The doors to the first floor patio are now permanently closed, as Skanska is scheduled to begin demolishing the patio stairs this month.
bu law construction


October 2012

A new sidewalk providing temporary access to the School of Theology northwest door is being regraded and paved. construction
Demolition of Gotlieb Archival Resarch Center entrance to Mugar Library and patio stairs begins. bu law construction



Summer 2012

Pre-excavation work is undertaken to prepare for the installation of the new building foundation. advising

A Pappas Law Library window is examined to determine the optimal way to replace all the windows in the Law Tower.